Brian Benstock on the That Makes Cents Podcast: Plugging into the future of automotive retail

Tune in to this episode to hear Brian Benstock discuss these questions: How has COVID-19 changed the way we buy and sell cars? What trends are being accelerated due to new needs for social distancing and other safety measures? What impact does this have on how auto dealerships are structured? And how does this all […]

Brian Benstock on the Daily Drive Podcast: Why a Tesla-like business model can help retailers ‘win’

Brian Benstock discusses how COVID-19 has impacted his Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura stores in hard-hit New York. He also opens up about his personal battle with the virus and explains why automakers should create more uniform standards for franchised dealers around digital retailing and allow for business models that are less dependent on brick-and-mortar […]

Brian Benstock on THE BUSINESS FIGHTER: Putting The Consumer First

Brian Benstock is the General Manager and Vice President of the #1 Certified Honda and Acura dealer in the world, Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura. The Queens, NY dealerships continue to grow rapidly, selling more than 1000 cars per month and 34 cars every single day. Brian has more than 30 years of experience, and he has definitely acquired countless […]

Brian Benstock on THE POWER OF CREDIT: Disruption

Here is an interview I did on Carl Scaramuzza’s podcast: GM & VP of Paragon Honda in NY, Brian Benstock, joins me on today’s episode. After starting selling cars in 1982, he realized there were a lot of people he worked with who he did not want to become. From there he has grown to […]

Brian Benstock on FORBES FACTOR RADIO: Today is the Day to Prepare for the Future

Here is an interview I did on Forbe’s Riley’s Radio Show: The retail industry as we know it, will cease to exist in less than five years. The future of retail is frictionless; easy, simple and intuitive. Big technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are challenging brick and mortar stores, mom and pop […]

Brian Benstock on WEALTH ON THE BEACH: The Future Belongs to Those Who Adapt

Here is an interview I did on Daniel Alonzo’s podcast: Brian Benstock knows that the secret to success is not strength or smarts, but being able to adapt. He has accomplished an enormous amount himself, as the General Manager and Vice President of Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura, the #1 certified Honda and Acura dealer […]

Brian Benstock on SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION: Why disrupting the auto industry might be the only way to survive

Here is an interview I did on Chris Collin’s podcast: This week, Chris talks to Brian Benstock, the GM and VP of the #1 Honda and Acura dealership in the world, Paragon in Queens NY, and is known for his customer driven philosophy “The Future is Frictionless,” and for following the digital trends of big […]

05: Automotive Data and Operations with David Spisak

I’m joined today by David Spisak: President & CEO of ReverseRisk and a Retail Automotive Data and Operations Expert. In today’s episode, David shares his journey with us and we get into the details of the future of automotive retail.

04: The Big Sell with Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations “The Art of the Big Sell.” — stop selling, start mobilizing. Build a movement, build an empire so you can do good. She’s a huge advocate for women in the automotive industry and is here to talk with us today about how she broke into and dominated this male-dominated industry.

03: Breaking Down Barriers with Cedric King

Today’s special guest is Master Sergeant Cedric King. Cedric King is a double-amputee veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan in 2012, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving greatness in all aspects of his life. Just as he led and motivated men in combat, he now leads and motivates others to see the possibilities […]