As dealers, we have a lot of details to keep track of. It’s a huge operation to ensure everything runs smoothly every day. It’s easy to let details go since they “don’t matter anyway.” I’ve heard that a lot lately.

Friends.. details are what sets you apart. The details put you from good to great. Small things like making sure all the vehicles in the lot are aligned perfectly, or that every vehicle adorned with matching hangtags and license plate inserts. These are the things that our customers notice first even if we notice them last.

Pay attention to the details. They will get you far.


Photo: The Paragon Honda Certified Pre-Owned staff early in the morning, making sure the lot is perfect with just a porter and a string.

Motivation isn’t always easy to find. Some days I’m tired, or simply don’t feel like putting my best forward. On these rough days I reach for a video, poem or an inspirational story to get myself ready for the day. I’ve shared one of my favorite videos below – I hope you find it as motivating and inspiring as I do.

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White Plains Honda decided to celebrate the season of giving with a “November to Remember” event this past November, promising to donate 20 cans of food for each car sold on Saturday, November 7. The donations would be donated to the Food Bank for Westchester.

White Plains Honda had homemade food, subs and other refreshments on hand to celebrate as they sold an incredible 31 cars in one day. Led by new sales manager Chris Paranzino, White Plains Honda donated over 620 cans of food to the Food Bank just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Congratulations, White Plains Honda team! We’re already looking forward to the 2nd Annual November to Remember Event later this year.

Photos: Chris Paranzino, White Plains Honda Sales Manager, assists with the canned food delivery for the Food Bank for Westchester.


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Paragon Honda is smack in the center of Woodside. We’re diverse, and so are our customers. If you walk around our showroom, you’ll probably hear more Spanish from our customers and sales staff than English. We want to make sure our Spanish customers know we can communicate with them in their own language, so we make sure our ads are in Spanish, too.

Our very own Jason Graciano, Paragon Honda General Sales Manager, stayed at the dealership past midnight with our team to shoot a perfect commercial for Univision. A big thank you to our partners at Univision and Jason for making it count.

Stop by and say hi to Jason and our team, and let us know if you saw Jason’s commercial. We’d love to see you.

I’m a strong believer in paying it forward. Anyone who has done anything in this life has had help, and I believe that you should return the favor when the opportunity arises.

Over the past several years Paragon has been honored to host dealers from across the country and our Canadian neighbors. Most recently, we had the honor of hosting visitors from Denmark. The delegation, equivalent to our NADA and representing over 10 manufacturers, made the eight-hour flight to New York to tour our facilities and hear me share some thoughts about Paragon and where the auto industry is headed. It was fun and interesting to hear about their dealerships and customs in Denmark.

We’re proud to welcome Chris Paranzino to the White Plains Honda team as a new car sales manager! Chris is one of a kind – genuine, knowledgeable, with a knack for knowing exactly what customers want when they step in the door. He has been in the Honda business for over 15 years, and has earned the distinction of the top two Honda salesperson in the nation every year since 2008. He has earned over 17 Honda awards for his services to Honda customers. Chris is a pillar in the community, with ties to local police stations and charities and a history of serving generations of families within the Westchester region.

We’re excited to welcome Chris to the White Plains Honda family in Westchester. Stop by and say hello.

The minute you accomplish anything in life, you have a target on your back. Someone is always behind you, working harder to knock you off the top and take your spot. Never stop practicing, improving and working. Never assume your way is the best way – sometimes you have to take a hard look at the fundamentals and go back to basics. Your work is never done.

Just a few weeks ago, our team took a hard look at our internal processes and realized we can do better. So, we went back to basics. With Starbucks in hand and pen and paper, we started from scratch to make sure we were training our people to the best of our ability. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to move backward.

Congratulations to the White Plains Honda team in Westchester for breaking all December new car sales records – over 200 cars in one month, and over 70 sales more than previous December sales records. Led by a new addition to the White Plains Honda sales team, Chris Paranzino, this is truly an outstanding accomplishment that was a team effort. Kudos to a job well done.