I love mobility in all forms, and the incredible opportunities that are created give people greater access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation. This includes the exciting prospects for vehicles capable of providing transportation on the road or in the sky.

Flying cars seem to create more problems than they solve. However, easy access to vehicles that move people above the traffic quickly and affordably could have many benefits, especially along the country’s busiest corridors like the Long Island Expressway or the 405 in Southern California. Both roadways seem to be jammed regardless of the direction traveled or the time. These roadways are little more than slow-moving parking lots. Think of the loss in productivity our society is forced to endure while people are stuck in their vehicles.

On Long Island, there are services like Blade that shuttle commuters back and forth from the Hamptons via small aircraft or helicopters. Flying past congested roadways, arriving at their destination in 1/5 the typical driving time must be quite the treat for those able to afford the airfare (typically $500 per one way trip). But somehow this fantastic service misses the mark. Creating a fleet of medium capacity flying taxis with specific routes could help to create mobility options for many (more) people alleviating road traffic and more importantly giving the riders more time.

As more people opt-in to new services the prices of these services will inevitably be reduced. Additional services will be added to more markets, and many more customers will be able to take advantage of the offerings, whether we are talking about flying cars or autonomous cars. Think of the freedom that will be available to customers who have been liberated from unnecessary hours spent stuck in their cars. People would be able to go upstate during the weekend to visit their country home or to go apple picking or see the fall foliage, without being subjected to the hours of traffic going to and from these wonderful locations. Imagine the business implications as these remote locations become accessible to many more customers.

Make no mistake; mobility solutions will continue to evolve, on the roads, above and below the ground. As they do, more and more opportunities will be created as society moves quicker and more efficiently. May the best user experience!