Within the most innocent interactions lie the greatest lessons.

The other day a man approached me in Paragon Honda’s showroom. I didn’t recognize him, so I asked him his name and how I could help him. He told me that I had sold him his first Honda vehicle – a Pilot – ten years ago when I was a General Sales Manager at P.S. Honda in Queens.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” he said. Surprised, I admitted that I did not.

“You sold me a Pilot ten years ago at P.S. Honda. I told you I would come back when it was time for my next car – and here I am,” he said, and he pulled out a business card of mine from over ten years ago.

While I had no memory of this customer, nor of his Pilot that I sold him so many years ago, this simple interaction reminded me of perhaps the only rule in sales that matters: if you treat a customer the right way, a customer is a customer forever. We sold him a new 2016 Accord, and he walked away a happy customer – again.


Photo: The featured photo is my old business card that the gentleman presented.

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