This is a proud moment for the Paragon Acura team.  After just two days in the showroom the team has officially sold one of the first 2017 Acura NSXs in New York.  This super-car highlights the best of what Acura has to offer while paying homage to the old classic.  The future is here and we are privileged to be a part of it.

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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”-Albert Einstein

In any industry it is important to know the community you serve.

This is why Jason Graciano, the General Sales Manager at Paragon Honda, appears on the WABC radio show, Living Better with Laura Smith, every month.  This gives anyone the chance to call and directly ask any questions related to the car business without the pressure of buying.

Just like Apple we want our customers to be well informed on what’s going on in the industry so they are better able to interact with our product.  We are the experts on cars and we want to share our knowledge with the customer no matter where they buy.  The more we communicate with the community we serve the better our relationship.

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For years other service providers have stolen business away from dealerships with flexible hours and fast service.  Now is the time to take that business back.

I am proud to announce Paragon Honda’s service center is now open 24-hours.  We’ve seen great success so far with our 24-hour service availability, particularly with EMS workers, city sanitation workers, Uber drivers and taxi drivers. I’m proud that we can be the ones to get them back on the road at 4am so they can do their jobs.  By providing quality service at a better price with more flexible hours we are meeting the different needs of our customers.

In the past it has been a matter of getting your car serviced or missing work.  We don’t think customers should have to make that choice.  If you do what is right for the customer that is ultimately what is best for the dealership.  The time is now to adjust your business models to adapt to the customer while times are good.

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