Last week I had the privilege of speaking on the John Batchelor Show.  John is someone I truly admire and we had a great discussion on the future of car dealerships and autonomous vehicles. This is a topic I have carried throughout all my previous posts.  The future is here.  We need to take a serious look at Google, Tesla, and Apple to see where the industry is going.  There is no better time to face these changes than now.

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The new 2017 Honda Ridgeline is here!  I always get excited when the Honda team comes out with something new.  Honda has gone back to the basics with this new design which is a spin-off of the classic truck.  I have not personally driven the new model but I like the athletic build.  Another win for Honda.

L1000889     Ridgeline edit 2016_227    L1000795


I always find it fascinating to share in different business philosophies particularly when they are different than my own.  This past week I was honored to host a group of individuals from the top 100 sales consultants in Japan.  In recognition of this accomplishment Honda organized a tour of some of the leading dealerships in the United States.

During their visit I was able to share my business philosophy during a short Q & A following a tour of our state of the art facility.  This was such an incredible opportunity to learn from one another and work together to thrive in our ever evolving industry.  While we both sell the same product the strategies that we use and the culture that we sell to could not be more different.


IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4275  IMG_4282 IMG_4289 IMG_4301

Congratulations to Mrs. Edith Singer and the entire White Plains Honda team for a record breaking month.  This is truly a milestone that shows the great strides the team has made.

Keep up the good work!



“This is what customers pay us for – to sweat all these details so it’s easy and pleasant for them…”

-Steve Jobs

In any business it is important to focus on the details; to not only listen to the customer but to anticipate their needs.  In order to maintain a strong relationship, we must not only know our product but also know our customer.

And as each business carries its own set of challenges it is important to identify any areas of improvement.  Paragon Honda’s Queens, NY location has created a unique set of challenges with several blocks separating the service center from the showroom.  This is why the dealership now offers free transportation between buildings.  This small addition will save our customers time and money, and it is often the smallest details that play the biggest role in building a successful relationship.


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